hello again

it’s time for a confession.

this blog has kind of become like a guilty secret of mine. I wanted to create a fun, inspiring space for millennial girls to explore minimalism, sexuality, and makeup. I wanted to write content that made people excited. I got started, wrote a few posts I was proud of, and felt… tired.

suddenly, I felt like I had no voice, nothing interesting to say, and no story to tell. for 2017, I focused on the word ‘be,’ but I felt lost in searching for my identity. I started telling myself I was way too busy to blog or post to instagram, but in reality I was avoiding it. unable to figure out who I was and overwhelmed by the persistently negative world around me, I found myself escaping to tv and to any distraction I could find. 

I don’t know that I’ve gotten a lot further than this, but I know that I want to write. I don’t have a vision for what this space will be, but I know that writing helps me process and that creating content brings me joy. I’m hoping to work on my photography skills for the same reason. I’m still working out who I am, and maybe some of that will happen here. 

towards greater things.

photo credit: cole madell

photo credit: cole madell