how using facial serums changed my lazy skincare life

I’ve always admired women with advanced skincare routines. I think skincare is a really special way to show love to yourself - taking care of your skin can be relaxing and rejuvenating. despite my admiration, I am incredibly lazy. I consistently forget all of the steps of successful skincare and I'm embarrassed to admit that I’m the queen of the makeup wipe strategy. 

as I’ve gotten older my skin has certainly gotten duller, and as I’ve said before I have insanely dry skin. I’d done some research on strategies for brightening and moisturizing your face (without making it oily), so was thrilled when Eden Semilla offered to let me try their facial serums. 

serums are a skincare product used between cleanser and moisturizer. there are many types of serums out there but they all push strong, effective ingredients directly into your skin. there are serums for aging, serums for acne, serums for dry skin, serums for brightening... knowing which serum is right for your skin can feel like a puzzle, but the serums that Eden’s Semilla sent me seemed to have exactly the right ingredients for all of my skincare needs. here are my main takeaways:

eden semilla’s serums are akin to superfood for the skin. being a dry-skinned, lazy, skincare-curious woman, these serums were incredibly easy to add into my skincare routine (which consisted literally of cleanser and moisturizer). just using their hyaluronic serum in the morning and their vitamin c serum in the evening gave me all of the benefits I wanted with minimal effort. they really pack a punch, but they’re also organic! I have really sensitive skin, so it was comforting to know these products are paraben-free, natural, and vegan.

hyaluronic acid is fantastically useful for helping skin retain moisture. I didn’t realize how much these serums were doing for my face until I stopped using them for about 5 days. by the time late morning or mid-afternoon struck on each of those days, my skin was left feeling dry and tight, craving the moisture rich-results the hyaluronic acid delivered. hyaluronic acid is clincally shown to help the skin retain moisture, so without it my moisturizer essentially formed a barrier on top of my skin; these serums improved the effectiveness of my moisturizer, allowing moisture to permeate deeply beyond my skin's outer layer.

vitamin c is essential for anti-aging effects. it’s no secret that skin loses its elasticity as time goes on, and beauty gurus everywhere say that by your mid-twenties you should be protecting your skin as it begins to lose its shape and strength. vitamin c is required for collagen production; using the vitamin c serum at night on my bare face allows the serum to work its super-hydrating and cellular-repairing magic. these powerful ingredients are delivered right to the skin, and the result is brighter, firmer and healthier looking skin. I don’t feel like I have a lot of wrinkles, but I want to keep it that way!

both of these serums have become must-use for me in just a matter of weeks. after taking a brief break from using them, I could visibly see and legitimately feel the difference… plus, when using one additional product provides so many benefits, it fits right into my lazy-girl skincare routine! these have easily become a part of my permanent skincare routine.

what is your skincare superfood? do you use serums?