instagram lovin'

the ‘gram is my favourite form of social media. I love scrolling through the beautiful pictures and daydreaming about outfit inspiration and travel destinations. looking through my feed is like taking a mini-vacation. I'm a pretty dedicated follower to my favourites, so I thought I would share them here today! there are basically three themes to my instagram feed (pacific northwest, lifestyle, style) so I’ll share some from each category. 

pacific northwest

real talk: I am working very hard on becoming better at being outdoorsy. the truth is that I absolutely love mountains and I am obsessed with the ocean… but I am an indoor cat. I’m scared of wildlife and bugs and I am not very coordinated. these insta-accounts remind me that being outside is beautiful, fun and exciting.

staypnw / jontaylorsweet / veekster


I just like looking at bright, pretty things. well organized feeds filled with coffee, plants and cute interiors are hard to come by, but some of my most loved feeds. the brighter the photos the better, in my opinion.

laurenswells / lucylaucht / juliamanchik


as you may know, I’m trying to find my personal style in 2016. well, these girls have their style figured out and their feeds are highly curated to show it off! I love getting inspiration from these lovely ladies, and even though I’m not sure if any of them have exactly the same personal style that I am aiming for, their insta accounts are totes on point.

thefashioncitizen / aliciafashionista / thedailytay

so those are some of my favourite instagrammers. if we’re not following each other, we probably should be! you can find my instagram here!

tell me in the comments below who you love to follow on instagram, as well as your username so I can check you out! xo!