january wishlist

I cannot believe january is almost over! it’s been a whirlwind month, but I feel like 2016 is really off to a good start. I’m currently enjoying a four day weekend with no plans (other than a trip to costco), and it really couldn’t feel more luxurious.

despite the major spending freeze on my life right now, I have been really into internet-window-shopping. being responsible doesn’t mean cutting out all day dreaming from my life! these are some things I’m adding to my winter-wishlist for a splurging day in the future.

one / with all of my GG binge watching, I basically lept for joy when I saw this stars hollow print! it even has a tiny luke’s diner! I need this. I’m essentially doing my life a disservice by not owning this. 

two / I recently received a sample of this BB cream from sephora, and it is FLAWLESS. I actually cannot get over it. another thing I can’t get over? the price. $50 for a BB cream feels a little luxurious, but maybe I’ll treat myself sometime soon.

three / I freaking love pizza (it even says so on my tinder profile!), so this water bottle is clearly a must have. I feel like I could get through just about any workout if the promise was pizza afterwards.

four / being a mountain-ocean-girl at heart, I feel like this case was made for me. it looks like a fantasy, and I think I might actually need it. if there’s anything from this list I’m going to actually buy, this will be it. have you ever seen a case so beautiful!?

five / I really want a new bag, but I have no need for a new bag. my morning breaks consist of me looking at other people’s bags on pinterest with real-life style envy. this one is so beautiful.

six / since discovering lavanila when I got a 100-point beauty insider point package, I have been really wanting to try more of their products. I bet coconut-vanilla smells like a vacation. I bet.

so these are the things I’m drooling over on the internet. any other must-haves I need to know about?