blogmas updates + a holiday tea recipe

week one of blogmas has come to a close! tonight I feel really aware of how difficult it is to blog every single day. I’m sitting here on Saturday night with a giant cup of pumpkin spice tea, trying to come up with what I'm going to write next. I have my next few posts planned but not written. my god, how do people do this for a living?

I can’t help but feel like if I got out more, I would have more to write about. I definitely do work a lot, but it feels odd to me to blog about hanging out with friends or about the shows I’m watching on netflix (scrubs + jane the virgin). I guess if I’d chosen vlogmas, I could just vlog about the day-to-day stuff, but it feels bizarre to blog about those kinds of things.

lately I’ve been honing in on what my new years resolutions will be for next year. I love this time of year because it prompts such reflection on the past 12 months, and such excitement as we get to think about what’s next. I’m sure I’ll write a whole post on my new years resolutions, but I think I primarily just want to work on being a better grown up. I’ve been out of school for nearly two years now - what an insane concept! this means it’s time to start adulting more effectively.

today I went to sephora to return something I’d bought as an impulse on black friday (and it wasn’t even on sale!), and I ended up redeeming some beauty insider points for some exciting stuff. I got the lavanila healthy body butter which smells heavenly (and the smell lasts for a really long time!) and the smash box on-set obsessions kit. I’m so excited to try it out!

robineylea rewards

my life has been so christmas themed lately - it’s the best. when I get home from work I basically lunge for my tree to turn on the lights, and I’ve been listening to every holiday album I can get my hands on (while nothing will ever replace Wham!, check out Idina Menzel, Pentatonix, and Michael Bublé). I even made a homemade holiday tea! when it's cold outside, there's nothing better than a hot cup of something spicy and sweet. if you’d like to make it too, here’s the recipe!

in a large pot, boil two and a half litres of water with two cups of frozen berries and 2 inches of sliced up ginger. if you like it a little sweeter, I recommend adding about a cup of cranberry juice to the mix. if you're not a big ginger fan, slice up a fresh orange and throw that in instead. when my mom makes this recipe, she puts in a couple of green tea bags, so I tried that this time too! as you can tell, there are so many options to make this tea however you like it best. once the bevvie comes to a boil, adjust the heat to medium-low and simmer it for an hour or two. when you serve it up, feel free to add a little honey or agave if it's a little tart. your house will smell glorious, and you will feel relaxed and at peace drinking this tea with your twinkly-lights glowing in the background.

I hope that you guys are enjoying blogmas so far! if there is a particular topic you want me to cover in the next few weeks, please let me know in the comments below! how are you keeping it holly and jolly this christmas season?

farm fresh: enjoying the last warm days of autumn

a few weeks ago, a friend and I went to a u-pick farm outside of the city to pick apples. they didn't have any apples, sadly, but we picked sunflowers, pumpkins and squashes. it was a beautiful day and just seemed like the ideal location to shoot an outfit post. 

      shirt: aritzia / leggings: lululemon / watch: apple / boots: callitspring / accessories: street

      shirt: aritzia / leggings: lululemon / watch: apple / boots: callitspring / accessories: street

happy halloween friends! what fun shenanigans are y'all up to tonight? some friends and I are going to a cabin in the woods bush party tonight as the kids from Recess. I'm going as Gretchen Grundler :) feel free to check us out on instagram!

is anyone else participating in the #pluckytonothin photo challenge next month? (you NEED to be following plucky and mackenzie if you're not already. they're so real) if you are, tell me below so I can follow you!

fall lookbook: starring my sister!

hey friends! I'm so excited to finally share this post with you all!

while I was home in august, I obviously snooped through my sister's closet (I've gained at least 3 scarves this way). while sorting through her massive pile of scarves, I couldn't help but notice that she had so many cute fall pieces. I knew instantly I wanted to do a lookbook, and luckily she was on board. styling this shoot was so much fun, and the scenery was a sad reminder how much I wish that I could fly to prince rupert anytime I wanted to do an outfit shoot.

so, friends, this is my sister shelbie! she's a regulation hottie, loves five seconds of summer with a passion (currently listening: she's kinda hot), has a garage-specific shopping addiction (as illustrated by this post), and, of course, is the mother to the world's cutest little man. for fall she loves drinking a starbucks chai tea latte (I trained her to be basic, y'all), wearing oversized sweaters, and watching netflix marathons (currently watching: gossip girl). 


this look is straight up something I would wear to go out for coffee or to go shopping. I love blending the summer-y look of light wash jeans with darker, moody cardigans and colours. 

I love the harsh black nail polish with the delicate triangle rings. I think these accessories sum up my sister: she's a girly bad bitch.

cardigan: garage / tank: garage / accessories: h&m / jeans: garage / boots: chinese laundry


it's amazing how a few well-placed accessories (and a few dirty looks to the camera) can totally change the mood of an outfit. this would totally fly for an edmonton autumn because the layers keep out the cold. an icy-bitch ain't got time to be frozen, ya feel?

cardigan: garage / sweater: garage / hat+scarf: garage / jeans: garage / boots: chinese laundry


it can be really hard to manage to stay cozy while also looking put together. this outfit does both perfectly. the combat boots still provide a bit of edge, but the print on the scarf softens the look.

top: aritzia / scarf: call it spring / jeans: garage / boots: chinese laundry

I legit had the best time styling my sister and photographing her. it's actually really fun being on the other side of the camera, and my sister was thankfully a willing participant in my creative daydreams. our mom came along for the ride, too, and I got some fun shots of her that I'll definitely share in another post. here's a picture of the three of us being adorable.

hope you enjoyed these looks - how are you staying warm but fab this fall? xo

catch up + life changes

oh, friends. I haven't forgotten about you. I am truly so sorry for the lack of posts this month - life has been hectic. recently, I feel like I haven't had time to breathe, let alone blog, but I am writing this post today because I know I will not be able to write for the next week or so as I'll be waiting for internet in my new home (plus unpacking, plus life is just insane!).

so, august has been one of the fullest months I can remember in the last year for sure. I'm still feeling like 24 is a good year, despite some deeply painful emotional trauma I went through at the beginning of this month. 

this month I went to my first ever concert - mumford and sons. I cried. I laughed. I sang along. I danced my heart out. I cried some more. they even played my song! 

before vacation, I worked a lot of overtime and anytime I wasn't at work, I would be at home packing and preparing for my move.

beautiful prince rupert. I'm an ocean girl at heart.

beautiful prince rupert. I'm an ocean girl at heart.

I also went to my hometown for a close friend's wedding. it was such a special day, and I got to do the bride & bridal party makeup. this is the second time I've been asked to do wedding makeup. it's so nerve wracking, but it's fun being able to share my girly side with others :) the bride is like a daughter to me (yes, you read that right), so it was really lovely to be there to celebrate with her and her husband!

while I was home, I was very sick so I spent a lot of my time there sleeping and cuddling with my nephew. I also took my momma and sister out for a fall-inspired photo shoot, which I'll be sharing more of next month, but here are two of my favourite shots (all taken on an iPhone 6!).


since I've been home from vacation, my days have been filled with packing and preparing to move into my dream apartment TOMORROW. once it's all set up and I have appropriate furniture, I'll be sure to post some pictures of the space for everyone to see :)

thank you for being patient with me this month. I promise to be with-it again soon. :)

birthday suit

I legitimately had the girliest, most wonderful birthday ever. after being celebrated all day at work, I got my hair curled and my makeup done. then, I had a sleepover with a few of my best girls. we got drunk playing quelf and drinking cosmos, had a copious amount of girl talk, and watched some sex and the city.

it was glorious.

the next morning, we went for brunch at my favourite vegan restaurant and then wandered through the farmers market. later on, I went to taste of edmonton with one of my girls and gorged myself on mass deliciousness (all vegan!).

obviously, a birthday weekend would not be complete without a birthday suit - and in this case, I don't mean I pranced around naked (although I did belly dance as a quelf challenge).

a week before my birthday I went on a mini shopping spree. I'd been desperately trying to find a jumpsuit, and as soon as I laid eyes on this one, I knew it was going to be my birthday outfit.

I couldn't get over how freaking comfortable this jumpsuit was! I felt like I was out and about in pyjamas, but felt totally chic and put together at the same time. luckily my friends obliged when I demanded they take outfit photos for me.

I actually think I could wear a jumpsuit every single day. I was surprised by how much skin this one showed that I normally wouldn't feel comfortable with - this totally made me feel like a bombshell, so I think I got over it really quickly.

jumpsuit - forever 21+ / sandals - american eagle (old) / purse - target / accessories - street 

when's the last time you bought an outfit just for a certain look or day?