how using facial serums changed my lazy skincare life

I’ve always admired women with advanced skincare routines. I think skincare is a really special way to show love to yourself - taking care of your skin can be relaxing and rejuvenating. despite my admiration, I am incredibly lazy. I consistently forget all of the steps of successful skincare and I'm embarrassed to admit that I’m the queen of the makeup wipe strategy. 

as I’ve gotten older my skin has certainly gotten duller, and as I’ve said before I have insanely dry skin. I’d done some research on strategies for brightening and moisturizing your face (without making it oily), so was thrilled when Eden Semilla offered to let me try their facial serums. 

serums are a skincare product used between cleanser and moisturizer. there are many types of serums out there but they all push strong, effective ingredients directly into your skin. there are serums for aging, serums for acne, serums for dry skin, serums for brightening... knowing which serum is right for your skin can feel like a puzzle, but the serums that Eden’s Semilla sent me seemed to have exactly the right ingredients for all of my skincare needs. here are my main takeaways:

eden semilla’s serums are akin to superfood for the skin. being a dry-skinned, lazy, skincare-curious woman, these serums were incredibly easy to add into my skincare routine (which consisted literally of cleanser and moisturizer). just using their hyaluronic serum in the morning and their vitamin c serum in the evening gave me all of the benefits I wanted with minimal effort. they really pack a punch, but they’re also organic! I have really sensitive skin, so it was comforting to know these products are paraben-free, natural, and vegan.

hyaluronic acid is fantastically useful for helping skin retain moisture. I didn’t realize how much these serums were doing for my face until I stopped using them for about 5 days. by the time late morning or mid-afternoon struck on each of those days, my skin was left feeling dry and tight, craving the moisture rich-results the hyaluronic acid delivered. hyaluronic acid is clincally shown to help the skin retain moisture, so without it my moisturizer essentially formed a barrier on top of my skin; these serums improved the effectiveness of my moisturizer, allowing moisture to permeate deeply beyond my skin's outer layer.

vitamin c is essential for anti-aging effects. it’s no secret that skin loses its elasticity as time goes on, and beauty gurus everywhere say that by your mid-twenties you should be protecting your skin as it begins to lose its shape and strength. vitamin c is required for collagen production; using the vitamin c serum at night on my bare face allows the serum to work its super-hydrating and cellular-repairing magic. these powerful ingredients are delivered right to the skin, and the result is brighter, firmer and healthier looking skin. I don’t feel like I have a lot of wrinkles, but I want to keep it that way!

both of these serums have become must-use for me in just a matter of weeks. after taking a brief break from using them, I could visibly see and legitimately feel the difference… plus, when using one additional product provides so many benefits, it fits right into my lazy-girl skincare routine! these have easily become a part of my permanent skincare routine.

what is your skincare superfood? do you use serums?

3 tips to combat dry skin this winter

I secretly love winter. I love hot coffee, giant blanket scarves, and big, fluffy snowflakes. in Alberta winter is 6 months long, so it’s best to embrace the season - I learned to love it. after spending years in this province I’d hoped my skin would have learned to embrace winter too, but it still craves the humid, coastal British Columbian air that I grew up on. 

since winter is more of a lifestyle than a season in Alberta, I’ve had to come up with strategies to deal with my excessively dry, itchy, eczema-prone skin. today I’ll be sharing a few of my most effective tips to avoid cracked, sore, dry skin this winter. 

use oils / I like heavenly-scented moisturizers as much as the next girl, but moisturizers don’t effectively permeate every layer of your skin. when I learned about this I began researching alternatives to the typical lotions I'd been using. Eden’s Semilla was kind enough to send me a few of their oils in exchange for a review - and it has been an absolute game changer for my eczema. after I shower or spend a long period of time outside, I use Vitamin E Oil on the driest areas (for some reason, I get terrible eczema breakouts on my shins), and it has done me wonders! it’s keeping my breakouts at bay, leaving my skin soft and even healing some of my eczema scars! I actually don't think I'll ever go back to regular lotions after using it. on my face and hands, I’ve been using Organic Jojoba Oil. I was initially nervous about using an oil on my face (I was afraid of acne!), but jojoba oil is incredibly similar to the sebum our skin naturally produces. my face has been radiant, acne-free, and so soft since I started using this. 

get a humidifier / I’ve had a cold water humidifier for about two years now, and it makes a surprisingly big difference in my skin. I run it every night though the winter, and adding moisture into the air has made my skin as happy as it makes my plants. according to the internet, humidifiers can also keep colds at bay! I recommend getting a cold humidifier; the warm ones are more likely to encourage the growth of bacteria and need to be cleaned more often.

drink water / we know that drinking water is the best thing you can do for your entire body, but we often forget that water directly impacts the appearance and quality of the skin. while the water we drink is distributed to all of our organs and cells (our skin doesn’t perk up as soon as we drink a glass of water!), ensuring you’re always effectively hydrating your body will help your skin to appear more radiant and to feel less itchy. 

hopefully these tips will be helpful to you! please share in the comments below - what are your secrets for dealing with dry skin?


instagram lovin'

the ‘gram is my favourite form of social media. I love scrolling through the beautiful pictures and daydreaming about outfit inspiration and travel destinations. looking through my feed is like taking a mini-vacation. I'm a pretty dedicated follower to my favourites, so I thought I would share them here today! there are basically three themes to my instagram feed (pacific northwest, lifestyle, style) so I’ll share some from each category. 

pacific northwest

real talk: I am working very hard on becoming better at being outdoorsy. the truth is that I absolutely love mountains and I am obsessed with the ocean… but I am an indoor cat. I’m scared of wildlife and bugs and I am not very coordinated. these insta-accounts remind me that being outside is beautiful, fun and exciting.

staypnw / jontaylorsweet / veekster


I just like looking at bright, pretty things. well organized feeds filled with coffee, plants and cute interiors are hard to come by, but some of my most loved feeds. the brighter the photos the better, in my opinion.

laurenswells / lucylaucht / juliamanchik


as you may know, I’m trying to find my personal style in 2016. well, these girls have their style figured out and their feeds are highly curated to show it off! I love getting inspiration from these lovely ladies, and even though I’m not sure if any of them have exactly the same personal style that I am aiming for, their insta accounts are totes on point.

thefashioncitizen / aliciafashionista / thedailytay

so those are some of my favourite instagrammers. if we’re not following each other, we probably should be! you can find my instagram here!

tell me in the comments below who you love to follow on instagram, as well as your username so I can check you out! xo!

january wishlist

I cannot believe january is almost over! it’s been a whirlwind month, but I feel like 2016 is really off to a good start. I’m currently enjoying a four day weekend with no plans (other than a trip to costco), and it really couldn’t feel more luxurious.

despite the major spending freeze on my life right now, I have been really into internet-window-shopping. being responsible doesn’t mean cutting out all day dreaming from my life! these are some things I’m adding to my winter-wishlist for a splurging day in the future.

one / with all of my GG binge watching, I basically lept for joy when I saw this stars hollow print! it even has a tiny luke’s diner! I need this. I’m essentially doing my life a disservice by not owning this. 

two / I recently received a sample of this BB cream from sephora, and it is FLAWLESS. I actually cannot get over it. another thing I can’t get over? the price. $50 for a BB cream feels a little luxurious, but maybe I’ll treat myself sometime soon.

three / I freaking love pizza (it even says so on my tinder profile!), so this water bottle is clearly a must have. I feel like I could get through just about any workout if the promise was pizza afterwards.

four / being a mountain-ocean-girl at heart, I feel like this case was made for me. it looks like a fantasy, and I think I might actually need it. if there’s anything from this list I’m going to actually buy, this will be it. have you ever seen a case so beautiful!?

five / I really want a new bag, but I have no need for a new bag. my morning breaks consist of me looking at other people’s bags on pinterest with real-life style envy. this one is so beautiful.

six / since discovering lavanila when I got a 100-point beauty insider point package, I have been really wanting to try more of their products. I bet coconut-vanilla smells like a vacation. I bet.

so these are the things I’m drooling over on the internet. any other must-haves I need to know about?

december beauty favourites

usually, I’m the type of girl to try 1-2 new beauty products each month. it’s partially because I like to stick to a strict budget, but also partially because the makeup-skincare routine that I have is working really well for me. why mess up a good thing, right?

well, for some reason in December I was all about trying out new products, and let me tell you - I found a few things that have already become holy grail products for me. I’m excited to share them with you today! I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve done a beauty post, so I’m excited to get my girly on again.

robineylea december beauty favourites

batiste XXL volume dry shampoo / this product blew my actual mind. apparently, it’s been around for ages so I’m full of heartbreak knowing that I’ve been missing out on this for so long. I have thin, oily hair, so I was forced to wash my hair every day. I have tried dry shampoo in the past and it really hasn’t done anything for me. I saw this bottle on the sale rack at winners, so I decided to give it a go and wow. so much instantaneous volume, and such fresh looking hair. this dry shampoo reached instant holy grail status.

essie nail polish: in the lounge / since I am paying off debt and trying to spend less, I am trying to perfect the at-home manicure. I found this colour on an end-cap in a drugstore while I was waiting for the post office to open, and it is perfect. it’s friendly meets polished meets moody. 

origins clear improvement mask / I got this on black friday in a 3 pack of origins products, and it really does make my skin glow. the first time I tried it, I wasn’t wowed, but due to its positive following online I decided to try it again. I lathered it up a little more the second time, and it felt great.

becca ultimate coverage concealing creme / I tried this product out when I went to sephora for an express makeover. usually, when a MUA uses a product on me it looks flawless, but when I try it at home it looks goofy. when she put this product on me, I knew I wanted to give it a try, and it works just as well at home. this is a concealer that truly conceals, and I love that you need minimal product to really get good coverage (read: no creasing layers of makeup!). holy grail status achieved!

so those are my beauty favourites from the past month - what new beauty finds are you loving lately? any recent adds to your holy grail collection?